Tree Top Adventure Parks in Lisbon

adventure park

Our tree top, high ropes adventure parks in Lisbon offer a fun packed day out in nature within easy reach of the centre. So come and challenge your friends to an adventure in the city!

With tight ropes, scramble nets, rope and wobbly bridges, suspended tunnels, tarzan swings, fast zip slides and much more, the parks have been designed to offer maximum adrenaline and excitement in a safe environment that respects the natural surroundings. So the activities are intergrated into the existing landscape without detriment to the trees.

We have two tree top adventure parks in Lisbon for you to choose between with circuits to suit all ages. Individual and group bookings are welcome. They are fantastic spaces for birthday parties, scouts and school parties, stag and hen parties, teambuilding events or just a fun day out with friends or family. Only €pp for adults.

Each visit starts with a short safety briefing. During the tree top course you’ll be equipped with a harness and lifeline at all times- good to know when you’re walking along a wire the thickness of your finger up to 12m above the earth!

Mega Adrenaline Circuit

For the bravest or biggest! The full circuit is composed of 4 tracks each of which includes 11 obstacle so a total of 44 tree top, high rope challenges followed by a super fast 200m slide! To do the circuit you must be 1m40 or taller. Under 18s must be accompanied by adults or book a monitor- please contact us for more details. This circuit takes about 60 to 90mins. A great choice for adult and teenage parties or teambuilding! Only € per person.

Little Forest Circuit

The ideal circuit for kids (over 1m10) or anyone who prefers to stay a little nearer to the ground! The little forest has 15 activities or obstacles reaching a maximum height of 8 metres so you finish up with an exciting slide back to earth! The mega adrenaline circuit and the little forest circuit are at the same adventure park in Lisbon so they are ideal for families with kids of different ages.

Explorer Circuit

The Explorer circuit is at the second and most recent of the adventure parks in Lisbon. It includes 25 tree top, high rope challenges including 2 slides. This circuit takes about 1hr and is suitable for everyone over 1m20 so challenge your family or friends to step outside their comfort zone and come and have an adventure!