Algarve Bike Tours


Algarve bike tours are a great way to get to know the region better. Exploring by bike gives you the freedom to appreciate the flora and fauna up close and discover the hidden corners as well as the well known beauty spots. Led by enthusiastic, experienced guides the tours offer the best of the Algarve: the drama of the landscape, fresh air and sunshine!If you’d like to discover the Algarve in a fun, healthy and environment friendly way then we have a trip to suit you. In the beautiful hills of Monchique from the highest point in the Algarve there are easy downhill cycling tours for casual riders and an offroad version for more experienced cyclists . If you cycle a lot and are up for a challenge we can go uphill instead if you’d rather! There is also an exhilarating off road mountain biking tour along the cliff tops and by the shores of a lagoon. This is designed for regular cyclists and is . We also offer cycling holidays and tailor made private guided Algarve bike tours please contact us for more information.



Downhill Cycling Tours

A fun and easy way to explore Monchique one of the Algarve’s hidden gems. These guided mountain bike tours start on Foia which at 902 meters is the highest mountain in the Algarve. From there it’s downhill almost all the way through the green valleys of Serra de Monchique. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views and let gravity do the work! The guide will stop at the most picturesque sites and will also teach you about the local flora and fauna. These Algarve bike tours are on quiet dirt roads and are suitable for adults and teenagers with some cycling experience. You will be provided with a custom made, aluminium mountain bike, helmet and water bottles. A support vehicle will follow with water and any belongings you’d like carried.

Nature trip: the natural way to enjoy the Portuguese country side
After a long and easy descent with spectacular views we head further south cycling cross country through beautiful valleys on quiet tarmac roads. When cycling close to small farms, the local shepherd will always greet you. The trip ends along gravel roads to the estuary lagoon of Ria de Alvor, where you can spot flamingos and spoonbills in the winter. A light, tasty lunch is included. The total distance is 35 km (22 miles) of which 60% is downhill and 40% is through tranquil, green valleys. A full day trip for people with a moderate level of fitness. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10.30 to 16.00 hr, € per adult including picnic lunch equipment and insurance. The minimum age is 12 years old and kids aged 12- 17 years pay €.

Downhill Offroad A more challenging downhill trip in Monchique is also available for experienced mountain bikers taking you from 902 meters down to sea level all off road! Lots of fun with single and double tracks through the forest and along irrigation channels. A 35km (22 mile)tour of which 75% is downhill and 25% flat or gentle climbs. While you should have mountain biking experience this is still a relaxed tour with plenty of time to stop for photographs and to learn about the local flora and fauna. This trip runs on the same days as the other downhill cycling tours so mixed ability groups can be accommodated. This Algarve bike tour costs € per person including picnic lunch equipment and insurance. The minimum age is 16 years old and 16 and 17 year olds pay €.


Mountain Biking in the Algarve

There is fantastic mountain biking in the Algarve and we now offer a specialist guided tour for keen cyclists. The tour takes you along the coast on fun and challenging off road tracks, visiting secluded beaches and enjoying magnificent cliff top views.

The mountain biking tour starts off heading south along a scenic route by the banks of a meandering river and reservoir. You’ll then continue along a cliff top pathway close to the lagoon of Ria de Alvor and from there to the cliffs of Prainha, a favourite with local, professional, freestyle riders. There’s time for a break in Portimao and a cool drink or ice cream on the terrace.

The tour is designed for riders with some mountain biking experience and is a great opportunity to practice your skills while enjoying the spectacular natural beauty of the region.

Your guide is experienced and multilingual and knows all the Algarve’s best mountain biking tracks so will ensure that you get the most out of your ride. The trip covers 32km (20 miles) and is suitable for mountain bikers aged 15 years and over. It goes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm and is available on other days for groups of 6 or more. The Algarve mountain biking tour costs € per person including bike and helmet hire and water.

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