Algarve Skydiving

skydiving in the Algarve

Algarve Skydiving

The Algarve has a great climate for air sports with cloudless skies promising spectacular views over its sea and landscapes. Every holiday should have at least one truly memorable experience and whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned adrenalin junkie we’ll make sure your Algarve skydive is just that!

This region boasts one of the Europe’s most scenic jump spots. Jumping over the Alvor aerodrome you’ll discover the true drama of the Algarvean landscape from the forests and mountains of Monchique to the plunging cliffs and golden beaches of the Atlantic coastline and a view that stretches from lands end to the plains of Spain. We cater for sky divers of all levels from tandem jumps for beginners and static line jumps to intermediate and advanced courses.

Our Algarve skydiving instructors are highly qualified and experienced and will brief you on what to expect and do before you jump. We can also photograph and film your jump on request which has to be the coolest souvenir to show your friends back home!

Tandem Skydiving

Your Algarve skydiving experience starts with a 15 minute briefing from our instructor to give you an understanding of the equipment and the jump- the instructors speak Portuguese, English and German. Then you’ll climb onboard our small and agile aeroplane for a scenic flight with spectacular views over the coast, after around 15 minutes you’ll have reached a height of approximately 3,600m (12,000ft) and it’s time to jump! For about 50 seconds you will be in freefall then its time to open the parachute and beginning a gliding descent. This descent lasts approximately 10 minutes and is an exhilarating experience with unbeatable views. Finally the instructor will guide you in to land back at the aerodrome. After your flight many skydivers choose to visit the aerodrome cafe for a celebratory drink! The tandem skydive costs € euros per person.

Many people choose to have their dive filmed and photographed. The video is filmed by a specially trained freefall videographer who jumps at the same time as you so that they can provide closeup pictures. The DVD will be expertly edited after your jump to last approximately 20 to 30 minutes and show every aspect of your adventure including footage of the instruction on the ground, inflight scenes, the exit out of the plane, freefall action and landing. You can also request still photos of the whole experience such as the ones shown on this page. The photographer will take a large selection of photos and they are given to you on a CD in high resolution so you can have copies made up to poster size!

Experienced Skydivers

If you are a licensed skydiver you are welcome to join us on one of our Algarve skydiving trips. Equipment hire is available if required.

Algarve Skydiving Courses

Did you know it is possible to learn to skydive solo during your holiday? The course includes theory lessons and exams and 25 practice jumps and a practical exam. It is possible to complete it in a week weather permitting but two weeks is an ideal time. Please contact us for more information.

You must be over 16 years old and weigh less than 90kg (approximately 15 stone) to come skydiving. Over 70s are welcome but must bring a medical certificate from their doctor.

skydiving in the Algarve