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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Portugal

hot air balloon in Portugal

Our hot air balloon rides in Portugal allow you to appreciate its wonderfully diverse landscape and intriguing towns from a whole new perspective. From the air you can see the rivers winding their way from the mountains through rolling plains and fertile farmland to the sea, admire the medieval towns with their labyrinth of streets, the whitewashed villages nestled amongst orchards of olive and orange trees and the seaside towns basking in the sun.

What's a hot air balloon ride like?

On one of our balloon rides in Portugal your day typically begins at around sunrise when the pilot carries out meteorological checks to ensure that the wind and weather conditions are perfect for your flight. A fan and burners are used to inflate the balloon to its full majestic size. Then its time to say goodbye to terra firma as your hot air balloon lifts up into the air. During the flight you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views and exhilarating sensation of flying. At the end of the flight its back to reality as the balloon glides gently down to a suitable landing spot but the pampering isn't over yet as there's still time to enjoy a glass of champagne with the balloon team.

People often imagine that a hot air balloon flight will be noisy and windy, when in fact it is the opposite! As you are moving with the wind you won't feel it on your skin, and only your conversation, the quiet whisper of the burner and the murmurs of the countryside need break the silence. The gentle pace of a balloon ride gives you time to take in the full beauty of the country below you, to take magnificent photos and to just unwind.

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Where you can fly?

Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Algarve

Take off in the foothills of Monchique mountain and hop the barrocal hills overflying splendorous villas, megalithic sites, orange and lemon orchards. Be amazed at how much natural wild vegetation there is amongst the small cultivated fields and golf courses. The launch site is dependent on the wind direction on the day either from: Budens, Lagos, Portimão, Senhora do Verde or Silves.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Alentejo

Drift over the rolling hills of the open Alentejo countryside, were time slows down. Explore ancient buildings, skim wheat, barley, cork, olive plantations and vineyards of course. Renowned for its free range black pig farming, gastronomy and mature wine. Combined with the endless views, the Baixo Alentejo invites you to stay forever. The launch site is dependent on the wind direction on the day either from: Alvalade, Ourique, Castro Verde or Almodovar.

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Cost and Reservations

Hot air balloon rides in Portugal cost from €195 in the Algarve or Alentejo or €150 in Coruche nr Lisbon and must be booked in advance. They are suitable for the whole family. We also offer exclusive flights for just two people and the pilot from €585 for two(Algarve/Alvalade) or €595 for two (Coruche, nr Lisbon)- ideal for romantic occasions or celebrations!

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The balloon flights are...

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hot air balloon in Portugal

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