Kayaking and Canoeing Holidays and Day Trips

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Kayaking and canoeing holidays in Portugal are a great way to explore parts of the country that other tourists will never see and can be just as relaxing or as challenging as you like.

Fancy drifting down a sun dappled river to a riverbank picnic with the only sounds the splashing of paddles and birdsong? Getting that bit closer to Portugal’s diverse bird, plant and wildlife? Or discover the ‘real’ Portugal this holiday? How about joining one of our multi day trips:

Canoeing Holidays for Groups

(minimum 10 people)

Guided trips:
Please contact us for a brochure with full information on these tours, the packages include guide, equipment, meals and camping and good company

Rio Douro
5 days in the heart of the Douro Natural Park (wine country), lots of nature: griffon vultures, vultures, eagles and black storks, lots of culture and lots of fun!

Rio Minho,
4 days on the most northerly river of Portugal between Melgaço and Valença. An exciting, restless river with lots of fun surprises!

Rio Tejo
Covering 100km of river in 4 days from Perais to Tancos, highlights include passing between the dramatic Portas de Ródão river cliffs and a castle full of mystery….

kayaking in Serra da Estrela

Self Guided Kayaking in Serra da Estrela:

A two day kayak adventure in a remote wilderness environment exploring the stunning Mondego river! This is a self guided tour and the package includes: kayak instruction and orientation on arrival, map and river information, a safety briefing, all equipment, one night’s wild camping at the water’s edge and pick up at the end of second day.

Please ask us for full information on the canoeing trips that interest you most!


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canoeing on the Tejo

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