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Diving with Sharks in the Azores!

Azores shark diving

Looking for an unforgettable holiday experience? Come diving with sharks in the Azores - it will sharpen all your senses!

The Azores have long been famous as a haven for marine life and one of the world's top destination for dolphin and whale watching. Now this exhilarating new programme recognises their potential as a hotspot for diving with Blue and Mako sharks! Our diving with sharks programmes have been carefully designed to be shark friendly and are led by certified shark guides who have trained with the world's leading expert on human-shark interaction. You must be a certified Advanced Open Water Diver with a minimum of 50 logged dives to participate and you will receive a detailed briefing from your guide prior to each trip on how to safely conduct yourself during the dive. While diving with sharks all divers are required to wear full diving gear including gloves, hood and booties and you will be diving from two descent lines. This method prevents too much movement and avoids you drifting into the chum trail. Individual shark dives cost 175 euros per person. We also offer shark diving holidays!.

Promoting Safe and Sustainable Shark Diving

Our guides have developed safe and shark friendly chumming methods. Instead of using a mesh sack to carry the chum, a hard plastic chumming basket is used to attract the sharks. The sharks teeth can get caught in mesh sacks and pulled our and the sacks can rip more easily, causing the chum to spread over a larger area which can lead to chaos and agitation. The basket method has proven to keep the sharks more calm and controlled, thus creating a more peaceful and safe environment for both the sharks and the divers. Our skippers and guides are trained in shark behaviour and if the sharks show any sign of agitation for whatever reason then the chum basket will be removed from the water. Each dive may be terminated at the guideĀ“s discretion should the behavior of sharks prevent further safe diving. All our diving with sharks trips are dependent on weather and sea conditions.

Diving With Sharks Holiday

The diving with sharks holiday has been designed over a two week timeframe to allow for the sometimes unreliable weather conditions of the Mid Atlantic. During the holiday you can enjoy some excellent coastal diving, venture into the deep with Mobula rays and sharks on offshore banks, encounter the giants of the sea on a whale watching expedition and swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment! For experienced divers this is the ultimate Azorean programme!

The diving with sharks holidays are scheduled for the summer months which offer the best conditions for diving and there will be a maximum of 8 people per holiday.

During the diving with sharks holiday you will be accompanied by specialist guides and have the chance to do:
  • 3 offshore dives with Blue and Mako sharks
  • 2 days of coastal diving
  • 2 days of diving at the submerged seamount of Princess Alice
  • 1 whale watching excursion
  • 1 snorkelling with dolphins excursion

  • The diving with sharks holiday costs €1,499 per person including 14 night's accommodation, airport transfers and all the trips mentioned above. There is a 140 euro single supplement. Places are limited so please contact us for full details of the diving with sharks holidays, dates and availability.

    Shark School Courses

    This diving with sharks holiday has been designed to give you a more indepth understanding of shark behaviour. The shark school course is run by Erich Ritter, PhD, the worlds only field biologist specializing in shark-human interaction and behavior. He teaches divers, snorkelers, rescue swimmers and others how to interact with sharks, what to look for when entering the water and most importantly how to feel and be safe among sharks. The course includes:
  • seminars, classes and certification by Dr Erich Ritter,
  • 6 shark dives
  • 1 dive at the submerged seamount of Princess Alice.
  • 2 dives at Pico's top dive sites (including 1 check dive, tanks and weights)
  • The shark school course costs €1,890 per person including 9 night's self catering accommodation, airport transfers and the activities listed above. There is a 200 euro single supplement. There will be a maximum of 10 participants per course. We can arrange alternative activities for friends or family who'd like to accompany you to the Azores but not take part in the course.

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