Whales and Dolphins in Madeira

Madeira dolphin watching trips

Have an unforgettable encounter with the whales and dolphins of Madeira in their natural habitat! We run boat trips throughout the year to observe and photograph these incredible creatures and for a truly magical experience you can even go swimming with wild dolphins!

Your guides on these trips are experienced marine biologists who will give you a short introductory talk to prepare you for your adventure! Once out at sea they will then help you spot and identify the whales and dolphins and answer any questions about them. Many of the whales and dolphins are curious and will interact with the boat and you’ll also spot other sea creatures such as sea birds and turtles.

While we are at sea, our lookouts on the land help guide us to the whales and dolphins. We have an excellent success rate and are confident that you will see some whales or dolphins. In fact if you don’t we will invite you to come on a second trip for free.

As a company we specialize in cetacean observation and all our staff are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. We are committed to the welfare and conservation of the whales and dolphins in Madeira and so we follow the island’s voluntary code of practice.

Please use the form or contact us with questions about the whales and dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins in Madeira.