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Holistic Horse Riding

holistic horse riding
Unique holistic horse riding lessons and holidays in the Algarve

In the peaceful setting of a Western Algarve nature reserve we offer a wide variety of activities around and with the horses including:
  • 1 to 3 hour treks and full day trail rides.
  • Romantic sunset or beautiful moonlight rides.
  • Guided one to one, or small group, holistic horse riding experiences.
  • Adventure camps and fun themed days for children
  • Yoga and chi gong style exercises especially designed to improve your riding
  • Holistic horse riding and yoga holidays
  • Training for your young or 'difficult' horse.

  • Our priority is to show you how to really connect and communicate with your horse. We specialise in teaching young children to ride and helping nervous riders overcome their fears.

    What is Holistic Horse Riding?

    The riding centre's owner explains: I have ridden horses for many years and used to compete internationally and became concerned with the stress and pressure that too many horses and riders were experiencing. So over the last 20 years my fascination with the grace and harmony of free horses has led me to develop my very own teaching method. I call it holistic horse riding.

    What does holistic horse riding mean to me?
    I think it?s more than just another style of riding, which comes down to a certain technique. We learn something about ourselves and this knowledge is just as important off, as on, the horse! We'll teach you to become physically and mentally centred, how to relax and breath naturally, to feel and control the energy in your body and to correct your posture.

    When we're working with the horse, we focus on learning to recognise and understand their body language. It is very important to me to help people understand that the horse is always doing a great job- because it?s only job is to be a horse! The rest is up to us. It is our duty to respect this beautiful creature and to learn their language ? after all they will never speak English and a physical fight won?t get us far either!

    Horse and rider enjoy a cooling dip!

    Holistic Horse Riding Lessons

    I usually start my lessons with grooming and tacking up when you'll learn to watch for signs from the horse that show how how it likes to be touched and handled.

    Afterwards, we go to the arena or ?picadero?. Here, we start with exercises related to t?ai chi and yoga that let you focus on your balance and breathing. Then, when you're feeling enthusiastic, relaxed and grounded we start leading the horse. It is very important for you to be able to communicate with the animal about direction and speed, just by using body language, never force.

    Finally we'll focus on your breathing, posture and balance on the horse. To be centered inside allows you to feel truly connected to the horse and to appreciate and absorb its movements. Even experienced riders are often astonished to discover how different it feels to ride sideways, backwards or even to lie down on the horse and can gain a new insight into the horse's movement! Personally, I always find it incredible to watch people change during the course of a lesson. Your movements, posture, mood and voice ? everything is altered!

    Holistic Horse Riding for Children

    We believe that children have a natural affinity with horses and can easily learn the horse's language. So, with the right guidance, basic riding and handling can come naturally and quickly to them. During a typical first lesson a young child will gain the confidence to safely lead the horse without a rein, walk, trot, sit backwards, lie, or, even stand, on the horse's back! All the time the horse is loose but responding to the instructor's body language. You'll be amazed by how much your child can achieve in a single lesson! As well as private riding lessons we run fun themed days and adventure camps for small groups of kids where they can learn riding and stable management, play games and enjoy organic picnics.

    Trail Rides

    Guided rides through the most stunning and untouched region of the south-western Algarve. In these beautiful surroundings you can ride for hours without ever coming close to a tarmac road! So there is a wonderful feeling of peace and freedom. The 1, 2 and 3 hour treks are suitable for beginners and experienced riders. We also lead full day rides for experienced riders to a small fishing village on the west coast. There we will stop for a delicious cook out and, depending on the time of the year, an unforgettable ride along beaches and shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The treks are especially beautiful in spring and autumn when the countryside is bright with colourful flora.

    Romantic Sunset Rides

    A wonderful experience for couples or anyone looking for a romantic and memorable ride. The rides are suitable for both experienced and novice riders. We start off with getting to know the horses and grooming them. Then we do a few warm-up excercises and simple stretches, followed by breathing excercises similar to the ones used in yoga and taiĀ“chi before mounting the horses and setting out to enjoy the beauty and the wonders of the setting sun.

    Moonlight Rides

    In the calm of the night we very quickly develop a feeling of understanding and trust with the horse which has excellent night vision. Riding through the moonlight (we leave when the moon comes up) is a unique and memorable experience encouraging a feeling of connection with nature.

    Holistic Horse Riding and Yoga Holidays

    This unique program has been designed to address the person as a whole offering a refreshing and innovative path toward achieving a dynamic, harmonious union with the horses and an exciting journey of self-discovery leading to the balanced integration of body, mind, spirit, and horse. On a typical day during your holiday you will begin the day with an invigorating yoga session before spending the day with the horses (with a break for a tasty vegetarian lunch), after dinner you can take part in a yoga, meditation or dream journey session. The riding is a combination of ground work, mounted exercises and trail rides. The course is adapted to your needs and no previous knowledge or experience of either yoga or riding is required.

    About the Area

    The holistic riding centre is located in the heart of the protected St Vincent Natural Park. Here, on the south-west coast of the Algarve, nature is still untouched and the park is a haven for many animal and plant species. Staying here you can enjoy the

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    Details and Booking

    Accommodation offered?
    We can arrange accommodation at an excellent local eco-hotel and accommodation is included in the Holistic Horse Riding and Yoga holiday.

    Languages spoken:
    We speak German, English and Portuguese
    Beginners, experienced riders,

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