Offroad Motorcycle Tours of Portugal

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Join us on our fantastic offroad motorcycle tours of Portugal!

Designed by passionate local bikers they are designed to take you off the beaten track through the beautiful but little known ways of the historic Alentejo region. The aim is simple: an unforgettable adventure combining exciting, challenging rides with spectacular views, plenty of hearty Portuguese food, excellent local wines and comfortable, quality accommodation. Great fun in like minded company!

You must be a licensed biker to join a tour. The tours vary in difficulty but you should have good, basic skills. You can choose to hire one of our bikes or bring your own.

We also offer road motorcycle touring in Portugal.


Motorbike Tour


The Ossa Spirit Motorcycle Tour

A 3 day break including 2 easy riding days over 350km and 2 nights’ accommodation. Suitable for all levels of experience.

This mini motorcycle tour of Portugal’s Alentejo is based around the UNESCO World Heritage city of Evora, a beautiful spot with centuries of history around every corner! High quality accommodation by the old city walls and delicious traditional Portuguese meals and wines are the perfect complement to days of adventure!

The tour includes two totally different riding days covering over 350km of varied trails through Mediterranean forest and hills, single track, technical and fast flat lanes. 95% of the route is offroad and the fast tracks are a great opportunity to improve your drifting! One day has fantastic slaloms through cork and holm oaks and the other gives the tour its name: a full day dedicated to exploring Serra d`Ossa, a mountain range with spectacular riding and fire tracks and beautiful views over the Alentejo plains.

The perfect weekend away from the stresses of everyday life! You can opt to add an extra night in Lisbon at the end of your tour including a dinner with a Fado performance (World Music Heritage). This tour starts from € pp


Motorbike Tour


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The Epic Montargil Motorcycle Tour

A 4 day, 3 night break including 3 riding days exploring 500kms through the plains, forests and hills. Suitable for all levels of experience.

We have called this tour epic because we think it is the only way to describe it! There are two days of amazing, fast, dirt ride Super G Slalom covering 300km, passing between branches it feels much faster and gives you a huge adrenaline rush! The third day takes you up into the mountains with uphills and fire tracks.

This is the perfect long weekend tour to have fun and decompress! It starts and end in Evora and as an optional extra you can stay an extra night in Lisbon and enjoy a Fado dinner.

Accommodation is in three different hotels: a new 4 star hotel in Evora, a country house in the middle of the Alentejo and a mysterious convent hidden on the hillside of Serra D`Ossa.

Family members are welcome and can come along in the rallyraid support vehicle or do their own thing during the day and join you in the evenings. From €pp


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The Big Lake Tour

A 5 day offroad motorcycle tour of Portugal including 4 riding days and 4 nights. It covers 800km and is of medium difficulty.

This tour derives its name from the ride past Europe’s biggest artificial lake. Covering more than 800 kms it takes you through the heart of the Southern Alentejo and Algarve countryside past medieval villages, rivers, mountains and valleys, forest and the beautiful plains on all kinds of trails including single track, sandy, technical and fast flat lanes. Technical riding includes sandy tracks, fast tracks to improve your drifting and tight mountain turns.

We have defined it as a tour for experienced, off-road bikers not because the difficulty of the tracks but because you should be in reasonable shape to ride for 4 days in a row. If you are not in the best shape…don’t worry we have short cuts if at any time during the day you’d rather go straight to hotel.

This tour includes accommodation in quality country house hotels and plenty of excellent Portuguese food! Family members are welcome and can come along in the rallyraid support vehicle or do their own thing during the day and join you in the evenings. Extra nights can also be added in Lisbon if desired. From €


Atlantic Tour


Atlantic Odyssey Motorcycle Tour

This is a 6 day holiday with 5 nights’ accommodation and 5 days riding covering 1000kms. It is designed for keen, regular motorcyclists.

This tour is named Atlantic Odyssey as we feel that best reflects this journey of discovery from the tranquillity of the Alentejan countryside to the beauty of the ocean! The Costa Vincentina is known as one of Europe’s last secret paradises. The riding is fantastic and there is an unforgettable moment when all of a sudden you find yourself at the top of the cliff and you have the endless horizons of the ocean laid out beneath you. Five days riding means a big conquest every day! There are 1000 km of all kinds of trails including mountain and forest trails, sandy tracks, cork tree slaloms, single track, technical and fast flat lanes.

We recommend this for experienced, offroad bikers as riding for 1000km over 5 days is demanding and is best tackled when physically fit. However we know plenty of short cuts if you get tired and want to go straight to the lunch spot or the hotel.

Highlights of this motorcycle tour in Portugal include fun, challenging trails, medieval villages, unspoilt country and coastal landscapes, wonderful sunsets over the ocean or vineyards, delicious, hearty meals including fresh fish from the local ocean and friendly, welcoming people. From


Atlantic Tour


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