Paraglide in Portugal!

Come and paraglide in Portugal! We have lots of possible launch sites with beautiful coastal or countryside views, including sites near Lisbon, Setubal, the Silver Coast and in the Algarve. Portugal has a fantastic climate for paragliding with flights available all year round.The top seasons for paragliding in Portugal are usually spring and autumn when it can be too wet and windy to paraglide in many other European countries and we welcome visiting paragliders.

Near Lisbon and Setubal we offer tandem paragliding flights for beginners – a holiday experience you’ll never forget! If you’d like to learn to paraglide in Portugal we also offer paragliding courses at various levels. Many paragliding students like to take advantage of our good weather to start or complete their training.


Paragliding near Lisbon



What to Expect on a Tandem Paragliding Flight

Before your flight the instructor will give you a quick briefing so you know what to expect and will help you into your helmet and harness. The instructor will prepare the paraglider so it catches the wind before you’re strapped in with the instructor. Then you’re flying! The instructor can manipulate the paraglider to control the height and direction of the flight and the paraglider glides gently on the air currents. It is great fun and a unique and relaxing sensation. It isn’t scary so the whole family is welcome to come and experience life as a bird! A 30 minute tandem flight is €pp. Transfers from the Lisbon area are available at an extra charge.

Paragliding near Lisbon


Learning to Paraglide in Portugal

We can get you off the ground! If you’d like to train as a pilot then we have paragliding courses available for beginners and for intermediate pilots who’d like to develop their skills or take their paragliding license. Courses can be taught in English or Portuguese. As paragliding is weather dependent certified courses are most suitable for participants who live in Portugal or are able to commit a longer time period to training (3 weeks or more). If you are a student paraglider and are only in Portugal for a few days and cannot commit to a certified course then you are still welcome to come for private lessons to work on your skills with one of our expert instructors.

Please use the form to below to contact us with any questions or to come and paraglide in Portugal!

Paragliding near Lisbon