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From horse riding on the beach to classical dressage, its often stunning and varied countryside and long tradition of equestrian excellence make Portugal an ideal horse holiday destination! We ride here regularly and appreciate the quality of the horses and tuition available and the opportunity for some time to ourselves in tranquil surroundings.

There are many well-established riding centres catering for riders of all levels throughout the country. So wherever you want to go you can combine a day?s riding with your other holiday activities or opt for an all inclusive Portugal horse vacation- please view our listings or contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note that while some of our photos may show riders riding bareheaded, at each riding centre riding hats are available for your safety.

What type of riding holiday are you looking for?

We currently offer a wide range of riding holidays in Portugal including:

horseback riding
trekking and trail riding: horse riding days out and holidays along the coast or in the countryside. 

riding lessons for adults and kids

dressage training

Or why not have a go at carriage driving and explore the countryside in style? A great, unusual day out for horse-lovers of all ages, families, romantics or riders who want to try something new- you’ll go out with an experienced driver who can teach you the basics

Lusitano Horses

beautiful lusitanosMany centres will offer riders the opportunity to ride the world famous Lusitano horses. Known as the ?sons of the wind? by the ancient Greeks, these majestic horses were originally bred for warfare and bull fighting. As a consequence they are intelligent, highly responsive and agile and stunningly beautiful! Many riders say that once you ride Lusitanos you are hooked! They are very versatile horses and are increasingly internationally popular competition horses in a variety of disciplines and are even used to refresh the bloodlines of the Lipizzaners at the Spanish Riding School. Whether you are interested in trekking or studying dressage, you shouldn’t miss this experience though you may go home dreaming of Lusitanos!

Golegã Festival of the Horse

GolegaFinally if you are planning to come to Portugal in November don?t miss the unique Golegã festival of the horse. Here at the heart of the traditional horse breeding region, riders and their horses, from all across Portugal gather for a week-long celebration of the horse. If you are travelling independently then you can get there by train from Lisbon, if you can we’d recommend staying overnight as there’s a great atmosphere and lots to see in the evenings but you’ll need to book accomodation well in advance.
We can arrange a visit with a local riding centre as a one day trip (subject to availability) or combined with a riding holiday.

Please use the form below to contact us with any questions or for help booking your riding holiday in Portugal.