Portugal Retreat and Holistic Holidays

Holistic holidays in Portugal

If you need to unwind and want to go home relaxed and rejuvenated then how about one of our Portugal retreat and holistic holidays? Holistic holidays are more than just a holiday they are a chance to help bring out the best in yourself- mentally and spiritually as well as physically.

Portugal is a great country to get away from it all. Drive just a few miles inland from any of its bustling seaside resorts and cities and you?ll soon find yourself in a land of little villages, orchards, mountains and woods. Here you can find tranquillity and observe a more traditional way of life. Some of the best things Portugal has to offer come free- sunny skies, clean air, beautiful sandy beaches and serene countryside. When you combine this with expert tuition in the activity of your choice, good company and fresh healthy food you have the makings of an excellent holistic holiday.

We currently offer yoga holidays in the sunny surroundings of the Central Algarve and Western Algarve  and Serra da Estrela the romantic woodland surroundings of Sintra and combined with surfing in the Algarve and Peniche. All levels are welcome.

What to do on a Portugal retreat or holistic holiday

The best holistic holidays combine relaxation with exercise. Taking on a new physical challenge in a warm sunny climate can be a great way to take your mind off the stresses and strains of your everyday life. Activities can be as gentle or as energetic as you like with popular choices including yoga, horse riding, bird watching, water-sports, climbing and cycling.

Increasingly sports enthusiasts are turning to holistic techniques to improve their performance with surfing and yoga a particularly popular combination. Horse riders too will find that being more in tune with yourself helps you communicate better with your horse and exercises to improve your posture and balance will pay dividends in your riding.

Many centers offer workshops in treatments such as massage, detox and guidance in areas such as nutrition and healthy living and life coaching so you can tailor the holiday to your needs.

Who could benefit from a Portugal retreat or holistic holiday?

Anyone of any age is welcome on a holistic holiday- most of us could benefit from spending sometime pampering ourselves away from the demands of everyday life. The holiday can be particularly beneficial for those

  • who are feeling run down, stressed or disheartened
  • who want to kick start a healthier way of life or get back in shape
  • who want to find new ways to challenge themselves or try a new angle to a favorite activity
  • just want to feel more in tune with themselves and the world around them.

Whatever the motivation for your Portugal retreat I’m sure you’ll take home not only warm memories of the country but also a new energy and positivity to stand you in good stead for your life back home.