Portugal Yoga Holidays and Retreats


yoga holidays in the Algarve

Photos from our Portugal yoga holidays and classes


We currently offer specialist retreat and yoga holidays in the Algarve as well as one-to-one programs. Set in a quiet valley on the beautiful south-west coast they combine expert yoga and ayurveda tuition with the chance to enjoy year-round sunshine, the ocean air, tasty healthy food and some good company. Go on, treat yourself!

We’re currently taking bookings for the following Portugal yoga holidays as well as for individual retreats, please contact us for a list of dates and prices.

Portugal Yoga and Detox Holiday

This holiday aims to help you detox your body and relax your mind so that you go home refreshed and on your way to finding health and happiness. The five day holiday can be tailored to your own needs offering beginners an introduction to yoga and the more experienced a chance to broaden their knowledge and practice. Yoga groups are small so you get lots of individual instruction and support. Every day you can take part in two meditation sessions and two yoga classes including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation techniques. There will be a special emphasis on poses that speed up the detox process. At each meal you will be served simple healthy vegetarian food. The detox process is encouraged by the food you eat and natural supplements to help eliminate a life time of accumulated toxins. After this holiday we are confident that the yoga, good food and ocean air will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated and with a deeper understanding of yoga and how to have a healthy, stress free life. Please contact us with any questions about our Portugal yoga holidays

Yoga Delight Holiday

Yoga, meditation, gorgeous vegetarian food and a stunning seaside setting add up to a holiday of unforgettable bliss! This retreat is all about enjoying your yoga and will teach you how to get the most of the vitality and good health that the yoga lifestyle has to offer. There will be 5 hours of yoga a day including meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga related philosophy and deep relaxation techniques. Then there is plenty of time to relax by the pool, walk to the beach for a swim in the ocean and indulge yourself with massages!
Please contact us with any questions about our Portugal yoga holidays

Portugal Yoga and Surfing holiday

Are you a surfer who wants to get into yoga or a yogi who wants to try their hand at surfing? A fan of both or maybe you’ve never done either but want a fun, feel great holiday. The Portugal’s south west coast is the ideal winter surfing destination with fantastic waves and beautiful empty beaches. On this holiday every day starts with a sunrise meditation followed by a yoga class that has been specially designed to improve your flexibility, strength and a confidence ready for the surfing. After breakfast you will be picked up by your professional surf coach to surf on one of the local beaches that happens to be spectacular and famous for surfing! At mid day there’s a break in the surf lessons for a healthy re-energizing lunch. The day ends with a gentle yoga class and a delicious dinner

Hormone Yoga Retreat

One for ladies only! A week of hormone yoga therapy will increases the flow of life energy through out the female body whilst recharging focus and mental clarity. Hormone yoga is a natural alternative to conventional hormone therapy. It can help women to connect with and influence areas of the female system that are problematic or have undergone some type of stress. The yoga is a mix of energetic yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and Tibetan meditation techniques. The aim is to send vital breath and life energy to these parts of the body we begin to energize, heal, and revitalize the glandular system.

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