Skydive in Evora

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Come and skydive in Evora, only one hour from Lisbon! Gorgeous, historical Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage town and well worth a visit in its own right. We offer special packages including skydives and one night’s accommodation or you can just pop across for your jump.

You can skydive in Evora all year round with sunny skies the norm. So if its gloomy and cold where you are why not visit us? Our jump zone offers beautiful views over the countryside and historical towns and villages of the Alentejo.

We welcome sky divers of all levels and offer tandem skydiving for beginners, jumps for qualified skydivers and skydiving courses. When you skydive in Evora you will find friendly, highly qualified and experienced instructors to put you at ease and ensure you know everything you need to before you jump!

A Tandem Skydive in Evora

Each tandem skydiving experience starts with a briefing from our instructor to give you an understanding of the equipment, the jump and what you should do at each stage. Then once you are comfortable we will fly up to the height of your choice (between 3000 and 5000m). Then it’s time to jump! Freefall will last approximately 25 to 75 seconds depending on the height you have chosen and you can reach speeds of up to 200kmph before your parachute opens. Then you glide gently down to earth, enjoying the views as you go! Finally the instructor will guide the parachute down to land safely back at the aerodrome.

It costs € to jump from 4200m with 55 seconds in freefall or € from 5000m with 75 seconds in freefall. You can choose to have your skydive filmed or photographed for an extra € or € for both a video and photo.

Please contact us for more information or to book your skydive in Evora

skydiving in Evora

Experienced Skydivers

Qualified skydivers- come and jump with us! We run regular flights so just let us know when you’d like to come. Equipment hire is available if required.

Skydiving Courses

Fancy learning to skydive? You can do it on your holidays! We have a variety of courses available so please contact us for more information.
Please use the form below to book or with any questions regarding a skydive in Evora.


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