Skydive near Porto

skydiving in Porto

Come and skydive near Porto and inland in northern Portugal! You can choose between jump spots near Braga which is within easy reach of Porto or Proenca a Nova which is near Castelo Branco.

Our jump spots have fantastic conditions and we welcome skydivers all year round. As they are close to the historic cities of Braga, Porto and Castelo Branco, this is one breath taking experience that fits in neatly with your other holiday plans!

We cater for sky divers of all levels from tandem skydiving for beginners, jumps for qualified skydivers and skydiving courses. Courses are available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Our skydiving instructors are highly qualified and experienced and will brief you on what to expect and do before you jump. We can also photograph and film your jump on request which has to be the best holiday souvenir to show off back home!

Tandem Skydiving in Braga or Proenca a Nova

Your skydiving experience starts with a briefing from our instructor to give you an understanding of the equipment and the jump. Then its all onboard one of our agile, little Cessna aeroplanes for a scenic flight. After around 15 minutes we’ll have climbed to approximately 4,200m and it’s time to take the plunge! For about 50 seconds you will be in freefall then its time to open the parachute your descent will slow to a glide. This descent lasts approximately 10 minutes but its an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! Finally the instructor will guide the parachute down to land safely back at the aerodrome.

Tandem skydiving in Northern Portugal costs € per person. Special offer for couples: book two and fly at the same time for €.

Please contact us for more information or to book your skydive near Porto

skydiving in Braga

Experienced Skydivers

If you are a licensed skydiver you are welcome to join us on one of our regular Northern Portugal skydiving trips. We have a large landing zone of approximately 300m, completely grassed and without obstacles, ideal for novices, easy landing and swoop. Equipment hire is available if required.

Skydiving Courses

Did you know it is possible to learn to skydive during your holiday? We have a variety of courses available so please contact us for more information.
Please use the form below to book or with any questions regarding a skydive in the Porto region.

skydiving in Northern Portugal