Bodyboard and Surf in Portugal

surfing in Portugal


Follow the example of the world record holders and champions and surf in Portugal! We offer surfing lessons and camps in Lagos, Albufeira, Lisbon, Porto and Alentejo. All levels welcome!

It is also an excellent location for kitesurfing, check out our lessons in Lisbon and the Algarve.

Whether you are an experienced surfer or body-boarder, eager to learn more or a complete beginner Portugal has a destination for everyone. Its mild climate and 850km (530 miles) of coastline make for some of the best conditions in Europe and are home to international competitions and world famous beaches. Its position at the far west of Europe allows Portugal to pick up North, South and West swells. This creates consistent surfing conditions and an unique and varied experience.

Surfing and bodyboarding are possible all year round in Portugal. From September to April deep lows crossing the Atlantic create big waves with swell sizes often around 6ft (1m80) but reaching anything from 9ft (2m75) to 15ft (4m55) or in the case of the world record 100ft! This is not only an excellent time of year for adrenalin junkies it is also great for exploring Portugal and its beaches outside of the busy tourist season. While for those craving the true heat of the Portuguese sun, summer waves commonly reach around 4ft (1m20).

Surfing the biggest wave in the world!

Whenever you feel an urge to hit the waves Portugal is an ideal getaway. It is easily accessible from the UK with cheap, quick flights and surfers can choose from three ideally placed airports: Porto in the North, Lisbon for the capital and central regions and Faro for the Algarve and the Alentejo. There are top beaches in Northern, Souther and Central Portugal!

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