Tours of Sao Miguel

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The aim of our tours of Sao Miguel is to show you the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of the island whether they are found near main roads or up winding trails. So we’ll show you both well known beauty spots and others as, or even more, beautiful that are rarely seen by visitors.


Our guides have lots of local knowledge and they are happy to answer any questions to help you appreciate the flora, fauna, culture and history of the island. They know the roads and trails very well so you can venture into the hidden corners of Sao Miguel without having to worry about getting lost!

Jeep Tours of Sao Miguel

We have chosen to use 4×4 vehicles for our tours of Sao Miguel so that you can have fun exploring little lanes and rough trails in comfort and safety. We run both half day and full day tours and they are suitable for travelers of all ages. As you are not off road all the time the tours are not tiring and there’s plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, take photographs and get in and out of the jeep. We’re confident that by the end of the trip you’ll have discovered many gorgeous and interesting places that most visitors have never heard of never mind seen!

We run various tours covering the whole island including Sete Cidades, Lagos do Fogo, Nordeste and Furnas and these can be adapted to suit your needs. As these tours include off road driving they might be subject to alterations due to weather or road/track conditions. Follow the link for all of our tours!

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Walking Tours of Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel is an island that lends itself to walking with lots to intrigue and engage your senses and spectacular views never far away. There are many really stunning walking trails to follow. The government are in the process of classifying them all. So far 15 have been officially classified but there are lots more that are awaiting classification and are open for you to explore. We run walking tours from 90 minutes to 6 hours and with varying degrees of difficulty. The guides will help you choose the best walk for you and the weather conditions. Lunch can be included if desired. Follow the link for all of our walking tours!We also offer waking holidays, which you can find in this link!


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We also offer fun filled all inclusive adventure packages, which combine adventure and culture and is sure to take the stress off of your holiday planning! Visit our activity packages page, and let us know your thoughts! All packages can be tailored to your personal preferences!


Need some friendly advice on what to do? Don not hesitate to contact us at sandy@portugal-sport-and-adventure.comfor any questions!