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Walking in the Azores

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About Faial

Welcome to the pentagonal island of Faial, one of the most beautiful in the Azores. It's mild climate and lush natural beauty have long been admired. When first discovered in 1375 it was known as the Island of Good Fortune (Ilha da Ventura). Later its abundance of blue hydrangea flowers earned it the name of the Blue Island and finally it gained its present name Ilha da Faial, Island of the Beech Trees. Through our fishing and walking tours we hope to share our love of Faial's exceptional landscape, flora, fauna and culture with you.

Walking in the Azores

We offer daily walking tours and 7 day walking holidays in the Azores. Most of our walks are based around the Volcanic Complex of Capelo, a linear sequence of volcanic peaks formed by a submarine fall. This offers you the unusual experience of walking round the vast craters of extinct volcanoes that over the centuries have helped shape the island you see today. Within these mountains there are a large number of endemic species and habitats, of special interest for conservation and protection and much of the area a nature reserve and protected under the EU's Natura 2000 scheme.

During all our walks we will tell you about the history, culture, biology, geology, and environmental conservation in the Azores. We also offer walks with a particular focus for example: bird watching, conservation of the native forests or the geology of the island.

Our daily walks take place all year round and cost €30 per person including:

  • Transport to and from Horta

  • A knowledgeable, experienced guide

  • Briefing

  • 4 hours walking

  • Insurance for the walk

  • You can join a morning or afternoon walk on one of the routes below. The schedule for the walks is as follows(morning/afternoon):
    9.00am/3.00pm – Briefing about the walk
    9.30am/3.30pm – Start walking
    12.30pm/6.30pm – Finish the walk, enjoy a light snack
    13.00pm/7.00pm – Arrive back in Horta

    Our Walks in the Azores

    1. Caldeira
    A breathtaking walk around the perimeter of the Caldeira crater which is 10,000 years old and 400m deep. You will be walking 1000 m above sea level and on a clear day it is possible to see all the 4 Islands of the Central Group: Pico, S. Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira. Most of the flora and fauna that are found in this forested area are native species, many found nowhere else in the world.

    please contact us to book or for more information about walking in the Azores

    2.Levada Walks
    The levadas are water courses built by man 50 years ago; to bring water to the fields and the people of Varadouro and Capelo. You'll start this walk by a volcanic peak where the fields are naturally divided by blue flowering hydrangeas, from there we follow the levadas to another volcanic peak called Thirty Peak - the first volcanic mountain of the Volcanic Complex of Capelo, 755m above sea level. For much of this walk you'll be accompanied by the sound of the water flowing through the ancient forests making it an amazingly peaceful day out.

    please contact us to book or for more information about walking in the Azores

    3. Volcanic Peaks
    Exploring the last sequence of mountains of the Volcanic Complex of Capelo. We start this walk in Green Peak climbing the secondary crater of this peak and exploring half of the perimeter where there is a striking view of a large crater surrounded by beautiful thermopile forest. From there we climb the Conner Peak 346m above sea level for another spectacular view this time of the north, south and west area of Faial, and the Island's youngest Volcano.

    please contact us to book or for more information about walking in the Azores

    4. Capelinhos Volcano
    A fascinating walk inside Europe and the Azore's most recently active volcano! This submarine Volcano was active for 13 months in the 1950s allowing scientists and geologists to thoroughly research the natural stages of a typical submarine volcano. During this walk you'll learn all about the natural history of this volcano. This area is protected under Nature 2000 as it is home to colonies of Common Terns, Roseate Terns and Cory Shearwater.

    please contact us to book or for more information about walking in the Azores

    Our Walking Holidays in the Azores

    An opportunity to really explore Faial doing all the walks above and also climbing Mount Pico.

    These 7 day, 6 night holidays include 4 days walking and a free day for whale watching, fishing, visiting historical or cultural sites or any other activity you would like to do. The walks last for 6 hours on circular and linear routes. All the tracks are classified as moderate, except the climb up Mount Pico which is classified as difficult.

    The walks start at 9.00 am. and finish around 3.00 pm. We will be back to Horta at 4.00 pm. The day that we climb Pico we take the ferry-boat at 8.00 am and we will be back on Faial at 6.00 pm.

    Day 1: Arrive: airport transfer to your accommodation. Dinner and a presentation of the programme and activities
    walking in the AzoresDay 2: Caldeira walk, 7km
    Day 3: Levadas walk, 9km
    Day 4: Free day: a chance to explore more of the island and try other activities such as fishing, whale watching or sailing.
    Day 5: Climb Mount Pico: the peak of Pico Mountain is the highest point in Portugal (2351m). As you climb the mountain you can really appreciate the sheer vastness of the ocean and the breathtaking view over the Azores. To climb Mount Pico we have to cross the Faial-Pico channel in a ferry to meet our guide for this adventure.
    Day 6: Volcanic Peaks and Capelinho Walks, 9km, dinner as a group.
    Day 7: Fly back home, airport transfer.

    Price: October to May €815 per person,
    June to September €916 per person
    Included in the price:

  • Airport transfers

  • Boat transfers

  • Bed and breakfast accommodation in Horta

  • Transport to and from the walks

  • A knowledgeable, experienced guide for the walks

  • Snacks and water on the days when we are walking

  • Route maps

  • Two dinners as a group

  • Insurance for the activity

  • Lunch and some dinners are not included but we can recommend some fantastic local cafés and restaurants.

    To book your trip or for more information about walking in the Azores please contact us using the form below:

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    Thank you for your interest in walking in the Azores. We hope to see you soon.

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